Report a Bug
Thank you for reporting bugs! Identifying, reproducing, and documenting bugs is important to improve Musixverse. Feedback is vital to make our services even better. With bug reporting forms, email, and discord server, it's easy to report issues you encounter and request enhancements to any services or functionalities on our platform. You'll directly influence the platform's development and building of the future of the Music Industry. We at Musixverse, honestly appreciate your help.
What's a Bug?
Not all issues are as clear-cut as a platform crash (But we definitely want to know about those, too!). As you use the platform, anything that strikes you as weird, unexpected, or broken can be termed as a bug and is important to let us know about.

Report everything that you find. An issue might be glaringly obvious to you, but we may not even know about it if you don't report it.
What does a good bug report look like?
No matter what the bug is, we will always want to know this information:

  • What did you try to do?
  • What steps were involved? (So that we can replicate)
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What happened instead?
One or more of those may seem stupid or self-explanatory to you, but it’s extremely helpful to us if you take the time to write it all out. Please don't assume we know everything! Perhaps you learned how to do something in another application, and we have a totally different way to accomplish the same thing. Simply saying that something “doesn’t work” isn’t very helpful; explain it to us as simply and clearly as possible.

Any supporting information you can think of adding will be appreciated.

Eg. A screenshot or screen recording may be the clearest way to explain your bug.
How do I report bugs?
The fastest and most convinient way to report a bug is by joining our Discord server:

  1. Join our Discord server here.
  2. Pickup MXV Insider role in the #get-role channel
  3. Once you have the role, you will have access to the bug reporting channels on our server, and you can start reporting bugs and giving feedback.
Alternative ways to report a bug are given below.

Sending us an email at:

Or submit your comments anonymously using the form below.

Please ensure to include as much detailed information about the issue as possible.
If you don't provide an email, we will not be able to respond to your query!