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Mx Catalog is Musixverse’s NFT marketplace. It is the one-stop shop for all types of music NFTs on Musixverse and communities centered around them. It is the place where you can buy, sell, and trade Music NFTs on Musixverse.
A crypto wallet (or cryptocurrency wallet) is software or hardware that enables users to store and use cryptocurrency.
As an artist, you just need to have a crypto wallet and a government-issued ID (to verify your profile) to get started on Musixverse.
As a collector, you need to have a crypto wallet and love for music & music NFTs to get started on Musixverse.

After you sign up to MXV as an artist, you’ll automatically get redirected to the Artist Verification page, you can verify your profile there with the help of on-screen instructions. Musixverse uses a third party verification service provided by Persona to verify government ID.
You can also go to the Artist Verification page to verify your profile. Provide details including your real name, stage name, and government-issued ID, and then connect your Twitter account to get verified.
Musixverse takes artist verification seriously to ensure the platform is spam and scam free.

You can use Metamask or WalletConnect with Musixverse.
To buy MATIC, you can use any crypto exchange like Binance, CoinDCX, or WazirX. You can simply buy USDT for INR on Binance P2P or add INR to CoinDCX or WazirX using the bank transfer option to buy USDT. Once you have USDT, you can go to MATICUSDT pair and place a buy order. Once you have MATIC, you can withdraw it to your decentralized wallet, and you can easily transact on Musixverse.