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Anyone with a crypto wallet can buy an NFT on Musixverse

The following things are required to buy an NFT on Musixverse:

  • An account on Musixverse using Metamask/WalletConnect wallet or Email
  • MATIC in your wallet
  • Collector/Artist Account

You can buy an NFT on Musixverse in 3 simple steps:

  • Go to the Mx Catalog page and choose the NFT that you want to buy. Make use of all the filters provided on the sidebar to help you choose the right NFT to buy.
  • Click on the NFT that you want to buy and then click on the Buy Now button to proceed further.
  • After you click on Buy Now, Metamask/WalletConnect will open up. Pay the required matic to complete the transaction and that’s it!
  • The NFT will then show up in your collection.
When you buy from an artist, all funds in the transaction go to the artist. When you buy from other collectors, the artist also receives a royalty and the collector gets paid the remaining amount.
Yes, you can.

If Person A buys an NFT from Person B for an amount TOTAL, then:

1% -> Platform Fee (or 0.1% -> Sharer/Referrer & 0.9% -> Platform Fee)
<ROYALTY_PERCENTAGE> -> Artist (100 - ROYALTY_PERCENTAGE - Platform Fee)% -> Person B

You need to pay for 2 things to buy an NFT- the cost of NFT and the gas fees. The cost of the NFT is decided by the NFT creator or the collector who is reselling the NFT. As we are operating on the Polygon blockchain, the gas fee is as low as $0.01.