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Dec 10, 2022
Musixverse NFT Guidelines
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Minting NFTs on Musixverse is a smooth process. In this guide, we present a standard guideline that you can follow to create your NFTs.
Before you begin:
If you’re unsure of how to create an NFT on Musixverse, check out our to get started.
1. Finalize the Song
This is the song that you will package into the NFT
To Do:
  • Identify the song that will be packaged in the NFT.
  • Ensure that you have the audio recording available as an mp3 or wav file.
  • This is obviously the key thing that you need to create an NFT on Musixverse.
  • You should choose a high-quality audio recording but ideally try to keep it under 50 MB so that it quickly loads on Musixverse.
  • You could package the final mastered recording of an original song that has already been released OR if you want to get more creative, you could package an interim version of the song that is close to your heart for some reason. Please remember that this is a collectible for your fans and so make it worth their investment :)
  • Please ensure that you completely own the rights to the song you are packaging in the NFT. If you have any collaborators in the song and they own any rights, ensure that you add them as collaborators and share income and royalties generated from the sale of your NFTs.
2. Finalize Cover Art
You will need a Cover Art of your NFT
To Do:
  • Get the cover art ready. The recommended dimensions are 640 x 640 px.
  • If the song you are creating the NFT of is already released on major streaming platforms, you could use the same cover art as the cover art of the already released song.
  • If you want to get creative and give something exclusive to your fans, you can modify the existing cover art to give it the NFT theme or create a new cover art altogether.
3. Onboard Collaborators
Collaborators: Ensure that they get their fair share
To Do:
  • If your song has collaborators, and you want to give them credit and share revenue and royalty from the NFT,
  • Inform them about Musixverse.
  • Ask them to get ready to create a profile on musixverse when the platform is live.
  • Provide us with their email id so we can notify them of key dates and their tasks to complete.
  • Ask them to get in touch with us if they have questions.
  • If your audio recording has collaborators who own rights alongside you, we highly recommend that you add them as collaborators with an assigned share of income from NFT sales. Adding them as collaborators will ensure that the NFT does not get created until they approve of it and they agree to their share of income. This is important so that there are no disputes later.
  • If your audio recording has collaborators but you own the rights completely, you may still choose to add them as collaborators on the NFT as a gesture of goodwill and assign them an appropriate share of income from the NFT.
4. What is the Story?
Tell the world why this song is close to your heart
To Do:
  • Write down the story for the song and have it ready for the time you actually sit down to create the NFT.
  • What is the story behind this song? Where did the idea come from? How did it come to life? Every NFT has a story. Tell the world why this song is close to your heart.
  • Take some time to write down this story. It shows the world why this song and this NFT are important to you.
  • It will help people connect with you and get to know you better.
5. Finalize Unlockable Content
Share with your fans things that are closest to your heart
To Do:
  • Finalize the digital content that you want to share with your fans.
  • Any type of file can be shared: audio, video, image, or text.
  • A lot is available for everyone to see on the internet. For unlockable content, choose things that are exclusive and no one has ever seen.
  • It could be behind-the-seen pictures, interim recordings of the song, behind the scene videos, or the exclusive story behind the song. Anything that you think is worth sharing with your biggest fans?
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